In Progress
  In Progress
2/14/08 - Chinese Checkers


The following projects are currently in progress. The graduate program I am attending at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon claims almost all of my time these days so I make no promises about when further progress will be made on the below.
  Rune Ruin    

Rune Ruin is one of the only truly unique games that I have worked on. While it's easy to place Rune Ruin in the same genre as games like Dr. Mario, Puzzle Fighter or Puyo Puyo, Rune Ruin is not based on any video game I have ever seen and plays very differently from these games.

more info - not complete enough for a download

  Gold Grabber    

Based on the Lode Runner series of games. I have been a fan of Lode Runner since I first played it back in 4th grade and I thought that Sierra's Lode Runner: The Legend Returns was a fantastic addition to the series. I have wanted to create my own version of the game for a long time and got around to doing it in September of '07.

more info - download